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Dopey [Apr. 30th, 2015|11:53 pm]
There was quite a bit of wind this morning and it must have stirred up the pollen because there was quite a bit of sneezing this afternoon. There was also quite a bit of cat napping. I missed parts of three shows I was watching after lunch because I kept falling asleep. Maybe there's some sort of pollen with a soporific in it.

It's quiet now, though, and there's bright moonlight, and several crickets are chirping, though I no longer hear any frogs. I'm not as sleepy as I was earlier, but I still think that I'm going to nod off as soon as I start watching television. I'm sure Portia will wake me up, though. She thinks she's the only one who should be allowed to cat nap, being a cat and all.

So it's the last day of April, and a third of the year is already gone. I don't think I've gotten much done yet this year. I really haven't even done a proper spring cleaning yet. Well, I guess I've got until June to do that so I won't worry about it. It's likely that I'll be sleeping more this year, though, so there's a chance I won't have gotten around to it even by then. Maybe I'm actually in coma and just dreaming all this. It feels like that sometimes. If so, I hope I have that dream about the wind again. That was enjoyable.