rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hump Surprise

It's likely that we've seen our last rain of the season. The highs are to be in the eighties for the next ten days, and the sky will be clear. Thankfully the nights are still getting down into the fifties, so I can keep the house cool without air conditioning. But the summer solstice is less than a month away, so the serious sweltering is apt to begin in May. Also it looks as though the full blooming of the jasmine will hold off until May as well, though there is yet some chance that a few flowers will open tomorrow. But even if they do they won't be sufficient to scent the night.

Speaking of scents, a few days ago the afternoon breeze brought a scent of smoke. I looked it up on the Interwebs, but there were no fires locally. It's possible that what I smelled was a small fire on the other side of the mountains in Plumas County. It was at a very high elevation, so it would have been easy enough for the smoke to catch a ride on a breeze headed west into the Feather River canyon and thence hither. The canyon is only half a mile east of my house, and though the fire was a good fifty miles away the canyon is almost as good at channeling smoke as it is at channeling water. The fire only burned 137 acres, and has been controlled. I haven't smelled it since. It appears that the big electrical storm didn't start a single persistent fire in our area, as the one in Plumas County actually started before the storm.

There's no telling how long that luck will last. I really need to get the remainder of last falls leaves removed from my back back yard. I left many of them lying so they would deny sunlight to the weeds, but if no more rain is to fall then the weeds I've got now are about all I'll get this year. so I might as well uncover the ground and send the dessicated fire hazard off to be burned for power, which is what happens to our leaves now.

Today I totally forgot to check the supermarket web sites for the week's sales. That's probably because I didn't do last week's shopping until yesterday. I kept thinking this was Monday, while here it was hump day all along. And I didn't meet up with a single hump.

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