rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

As I Like It

Last night the drizzle must have lasted for hours, as when I woke up shortly before dawn the trees were still dripping, and dawn revealed a landscape bejeweled with dew. There followed hours of gray sky, succeeded by a late afternoon with bright sunlight that emerged too late to overheat the air. Dusk brought a renewed chorus of frogs and the chirping of a few crickets, which will doubtless cease once the night turns cold.

Altogether it was all I could ask a perfect April day to be. There was even the first electric red blossom of the lamb's ear to look at in that bright afternoon light. Now well watered, the few dozen other lamb's ear plants will certainly all be sporting flowers soon. The lupines looked a bit bedraggled from the aqueous beating they'd taken, but I'm sure they will recover, and tomorrow their lavender blue flowers will be standing tall again. I only wish it could be like this for the rest of the spring.

Last week I bought a six-pack of artichokes but I didn't get around to cooking any of them until this evening. I had two of them for dinner, perfectly cooked (I usually leave them in too long and they turn mushy, or take them out too soon and they are too hard) and they were delicious with some melted butter. Artichokes are almost the only food that is tedious to which but I find worth the effort. I enjoy them even more now that I've learned that you can cut off almost the entire upper half of them before cooking, and thus avoid having your fingers pricked to numbness by the nasty little thorns the leaves sport. My mom always cooked them whole, and I would go around with sore fingertips all the night after eating them. Thanks to the Internets I now know better than she did.

The cat had me awake early again this morning, and I had only the briefest of afternoon naps, so I guess I'll be getting to sleep early tonight. I hope I don't wake up too early tomorrow as I didn't get a chance to shop Friday, and I don't want to be overtired when I go to the stores tomorrow. I tend to buy stupid things when I'm dopey from insufficient sleep. Of course the shopping is on only if I can arrange transport, which is not certain. I might end up shopping on Monday, or even Tuesday. I'm not going to run out of anything critical before Tuesday other than bread, and I guess I can go without that for a couple of days. As long as I don't run out of beer the world will not end. At least I hope not. I'd hate to die with a big supply of beer un-imbibed.

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