rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


As though waking from a four-hour unintentional nap just after sunset were not enough, the first thing I hear from the television I've been sleeping in front of is one of those emergency alerts with a severe thunderstorm warning. Sure enough, I hear rumbling even while the alert is playing. This is one of those storms that is unlikely to bring any significant rain, but the alert said it could bring quarter-sized hail.

Nothing has fallen from the sky here yet, but It probably has farther down the mountain. The hail is not the thing that worries me, though. This is the sort of storm that sets lots and lots of little fires up in the mountains, and then some of those little fires get bigger and merge, and we end up with forest fires that last until the next fall.

The earliest we've had one of those bad, lightning-fed fire seasons in the past it was from a storm that came through in May. April is just way too early for this. If I'm going to have to put up with months of smoky air and a possible evacuation in the heat of midsummer than I hope I at least get to see some of that quarter-sized hail. I hate when the apocalypse is all for nothing.

It's rumbling more and louder, so I'd better post this and shut down all the electronics before the power outage hits. No Internets for me until the storm is over, and then only if there's still electricity and an unfried computer.

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