rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There have been a few clouds hanging about today, so there might be a decent sunset. The clouds are already getting a hint of pink in them, though the new leaves of the mulberry tree block most of them from my view as I look through my window. I'll have to go outside shortly if I want to see very much of the sky. The horizon is never visible because of the pine trees, but if a sunset is bright enough I can see some of the color through the trees if the clouds are positioned just right. Tonight there's a broad band of them in the west which will either become brilliant or will block the light from the rest of the sky.

Today I got the shopping done, but there wasn't much to buy. Most of the things on sale were things I don't buy. Had I needed cleaning goods or if I used feminine hygiene products I'd have made out like a bandit. Sadly, no pies were on sale, but I did get a package of Oreos very cheap, and a good deal on some Monterey jack cheese. I don't intend to eat them together. But most of my meals this week will have to be of things I've stocked up on— beans, pasta, frozen burritos and such. The stores are having fewer and fewer things I use on sale. I used to do triage on my shopping list because there were more bargains than I could use, but these days I seem to be picking on bones. Quite a few things have gotten more expensive, too. I guess the economy must have improved enough that the stores feel safe raising prices.

Well, the sky has gotten much darker and never got much color, so I guess the band of clouds wasn't positioned right. Too bad. It's been quite a while since I've seen a really good sunset, and it will be a while longer still. I'll have to settle for whatever color turns up on television tonight. Somebody in the neighborhood is having a party— old people, judging from the 1950s music they are playing— and I'd rather not listen to it, so I won't be spending much time outdoors until it is over. Their tastes indicate that their bedtime might be fairly early, though, so maybe I can stay awake until it quiets down and I'll be able to spend some time in the quiet darkness watching the stars.

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