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The roses are doing nicely right now. There are about a dozen blossoms on five bushes. Two other bushes have buds, but two others nothing yet. These are the bushes int he back yard. I keep forgetting to check the lonely bush in the front yard. The front yard does have some gladiolus blossoms, but the gardenia is still holding back. I must remember to water it, restrictions or not. It just wouldn't be spring without the scent of gardenias.

I suspect that summer will have to do without the scent of jasmine, though. The hedge is almost ready to bloom right now, and by the time summer gets here it will probably be done. Unless I water it a lot, of course, but I don't know if I'll be able to afford to do that this year. Maybe I'll water just one end of it, so there will at least be some jasmine scent in the air for my 14th LJ anniversary. After that the plants will have to make do with just enough water to prevent them from dying. It's going to be a sad, dusty summer.

Last night I managed to get about six hours of sleep, and this afternoon I had a nap of no more than an hour, so all things considered I guess I'm in pretty good shape. I'll be tired tonight, but not overtired, so I'll probably be able to get to sleep not long after midnight— provided I don't discover that here's a movie on that's good enough to keep me awake. But if I remember to avoid checking the movie channels I'll be safe from that.

The warming trend has brought a fresh supply of pollen, so I've been sneezing again, but not as much as when the pine pollen was falling. The warming trend has also brought back one cricket, though I'm not hearing any frogs tonight. It could be that their water has already dried up. I feel badly for the frogs, and I miss hearing them. Some years we've had frogs clear into May. Maye we'll get a wetter year next year, but if I'm holding my breath it isn't for that— it's only so I'll snort less pollen.

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