rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Another day older and deeper in doubt

Late last night we got a few minutes of inexplicable showers, followed by a few minutes of mist. Mist is one of my favorite weather-related things, and we haven't had much of it in recent years so I was glad I was outside for it. Had it lasted longer I might have gone for a walk, but it was around for only a short time so I went back indoors and went to sleep in hopes of dreaming about it. I don't remember if I dreamed about it or not, of course, but I'm pretending I did.

Yesterday morning's random sound was a horse whinnying. Today's was a washing machine out of balance. t came from the same direction as the horse whinny, but closer— probably one of the houses across the street from the houses behind mine. When I first heard it I thought some kid had gotten a set of drums for his birthday and was banging away on them. I imagined it going on for hours, day after day, for the rest of the week, but just when I began to hate spring break I realized that it was only a washing machine. It was apparently one of the older machines that doesn't have an automatic shutoff that kicks in when it gets imbalanced, because it went on clunking for several minutes before somebody turned it off. After that the morning was fairly peaceful.

It was still pretty breezy here today, but it didn't get very warm, so I suffered a bit of wind chill every time I went out. It's even chillier tonight. In fact this would have been a good night to cook something in the oven, but when I went shopping I wasn't expecting it to get this chilly again so I didn't buy any oven-related foods. It's a nice night for soup, though, so that's what I'll be eating once the effect of my very late lunch wears off. I'm thinking I'll have a can of the corn, potato, and hot peppers stuff, with some tortillas. Spicy soup is good on a cool night. Soup for dinner also means I can save a bottle of beer since soup pretty much washes itself down. I have to think about forgoing things like bottles of beer now and then, since I'll h ave to come up with the money for the increased price of Internets.

For the last couple of night I've been short of sleep so this afternoon I intended to take a deliberate nap, but I kept getting spam phone calls and then Portia dropped a very stinky poo in the litter box, and the smell had me wide awake immediately, so I'm still short of sleep, and will probably have to make an early night of it. But not too early, as I don't want to be waking up at three o'clock in the morning, which would make a mess of tomorrow. I hope the television will provide something that can keep me up until midnight or so. With luck I won't wake up until seven or eight o'clock in the morning. I'm due for a long sleep, and seven or eight hours is about the longest I can reasonably expect anymore. Aging kind of bites.

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