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The horse was whinnying again this morning. I don't know where the horse lives, but it's somewhere off to the east, not too near and not too far (unless the horse has a really loud whinny and its voice carries a long way, in which case it might live halfway to the river.) I don't hear the horse very often, but it has been active over the last couple of months and I've heard it half a dozen times. Maybe it's getting visits from another horse and I'm hearing whinnies of delight. It certainly doesn't sound as though it's in distress of any kind. I've seen horses in that neighborhood a few times, but this is the only one I've heard.

The sound might have carried well today because it has been quite breezy. The air barely stopped stirring from the time I went out through all the later times I went out. It's still blowing now, though it has turned chilly and is no longer as pleasant as it was during the balmy afternoon. Had it not been breezy the day would have been too hot, but it was enjoyable to sit on the back porch and listen to the leaves rustling. The oak next door did lose a small branch which startled me when it crashed onto my roof, but I'm sure there was no damage. None of the feral cats were up there at the time.

I've been letting the Internets disrupt my dinner time again, and I think my blood sugar is about to crash. But I want to get as much out of the Internets as I can because when I called at&t today to see if I could get a promotional rate they said all they could offer was to give me a fifteen dollar a month discount for the next year, and only if I committed to the full year. That means I'm going to be spending $12.50 a month more than I have for the last six months, and that was $4.55 more than I had been spending for the last few years, except for a brief time when I didn't call soon enough and got charged the full price when my discount ran out. Internets are getting expensive. I suspect that the ISPs know that everybody is now trapped and dependent on it, so they are going to start Octopussing big time.

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