rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I got the shopping done today, and actually spent a bit less than I'd expected to. I bought a couple of things I hadn't planned on buying, but also didn't buy a few things that had been on the list. I've actually forgotten most of what I bought, but I do remember getting cookies. I already had cookies in the house, but this particular package called out to me, and seduced me with sweet lies.

Cookies are good at that. They'll tell you anything to get into your pantries. Especially those seductive chocolate chip cookies such as I bought today. You can have the happiest moments of your childhood back, they said. We are filled with joy and free of care, and so can you be again, they said. And I believed them. I'm sure I'll regret it— in fact I regret it already— but I still intend to enjoy them. Maybe there was a little truth in what they said. One can always hope.

The cans of chili beans I bought told me no lies, though. We'll fill you up cheaply, but you'll fart like crazy. Accursedly honest little buggers, those beans.

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