rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Well Adjusted

The second storm came in during the night and I woke to a gray and windy morning full of rain. It has been a bit more blustery than the previous storm, and though it cleared up for a while this afternoon (so I was able to go to the chiropractor in the sunlight and stay dry) another band of clouds has arrived and currently it is almost snowing. I say almost because it is a very wet and slushy stuff that melts within seconds of hitting the ground, but I stuck my arm out into it and caught some on the sleeve of my jacket, and the splotches froze nicely. They weren't really flakes, but if it gets just a bit colder they might become proper snow. Having the first snow of the year on April seventh is a bit weird, but I'd be pleased to see the ground turn white, if only for an hour or two.

There were thunderstorms in the valley this afternoon, and a tornado warning in one nearby county along the Sacramento river, but I haven't heard any thunder here, nor has the wind been especially fierce. I suppose the slush is more likely to turn to hail than to snow, and there is a good possibility that we will be getting thunder and lightning locally before the storm passes. After that it will get warm again for a few days, but not excessively so, and then there might be more rain. As most of winter was uncommonly mild, it would be nice if we could have a prolonged damp and cool spring before we have to deal with what is apt to be a torrid,parched summer.

Looking out my window I see that the slush has stopped falling. It looked nice coming down in the late light, but I guess it's over. Maybe there will be more later, though the temperature is expected to drop only into the mid-thirties tonight, so maybe not. Maybe the slush was only the result of pocket of colder air the storm brought. There is some snow higher up in the mountains, but I probably won't get to see Sawmill Peak turn white. Too bad. That's the only peak visible from town. I really miss seeing the snow on the mountains I used to have a view of when I lived in Los Angeles.

Today's adjustment went well. Its always better when I only wait four weeks. My next appointment is four weeks from today, and I do hope nothing prevents me from going that day.

Oh, and the storms have entirely washed the pine pollen away, so yay. I don't know if they'll make more, but if they do at least I've had a respite from it.

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