rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Groggy With a Chance of Showers

I got a phone call about seven o'clock this evening, and it's a good thing because it woke me from an unintended nap that might otherwise have lasted until after dark, and then I'd be even groggier and more muddleheaded than I am right now. It takes me a long time to wake up in the morning, but even longer to do so in the late afternoon or evening, but as I no longer get enough sleep at night the daytime naps are apparently a permanent condition. Maybe I'll get used to waking up twice a day eventually, though I never really got used to waking up even once a day (I've long since come to think of waking up being something like a birth trauma aftershock) so maybe not.

While I was awake too early this morning I did some more raking of long-neglected leaves in the back back yard, and consequently uncovered a lot of moldering stuff. Tonight that back yard smells strongly of mold and decay, and the scent is strong despite the pollen having diminished my sense of smell. I'm hoping that the rain which is now being predicted as a near certainty for Sunday through Tuesday will both dampen the pollen and wash away the mold. It's going to get colder, too, and the snow level could get down to 3000 feet, though no more than a few inches is expected so the drought is still on.

I can't arrange to get to the stores tomorrow, so I'll be shopping Sunday, just in time to get rained on. I also have an appointment with the chiropractor on Tuesday, so I'll probably get rained on again. I'm glad we'll be getting a bit more rain after all, but the timing certainly leaves something to be desired. I'm also worried about the buds on the walnut tree getting nipped by cold nights. Last years crop was mediocre, but frost at this time could make next fall's crop even worse.

The moon is almost full tonight, so tomorrow night there will be a race between the gathering clouds and the full moon. It might actually make for some good sky watching, though I'll have to dress warmly. Spring half the winter and winter in spring— I'm getting too old for such nonsense. I wish the weather would make up its mind.

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