rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Nobody's April Fool

Early this morning about a dozen crows began chattering among the nearby trees before dawn. I had woken up much too early, and after I fed the feral cats I decided I should try to get back to sleep. In spite of the raucous crows I managed to do so, and ended up sleeping until almost noon. When I woke again a dense haze hung over the valley, while fluffy cumulus clouds topped the mountains, but here it was sunny and clear and remained so all day. The crows had departed, but butterflies fluttered about the rapidly decaying lilacs, and stiff breezes occasionally fluttered the young green leaves on the oaks.

It remained delightfully cool, so the day fit the season perfectly, being exactly what I would expect from the first day of April. I hope it wasn't just a prank, because I don't want summer to suddenly burst out tomorrow, and though I would like some rain I certainly wouldn't want winter to put in a belated appearance. It's too late for snow, which would damage the premature spring growth which is already well advanced. The only negative to the day was that damned pine pollen, which is still gathering on every surface. It's good thing I've got plenty of tissues on hand because the sneezing has begun.

I got around to several tasks I've been putting off, and might get around to a couple more tomorrow. Once the pine pollen dies down I hope to get around to washing the windows. The bright days call for clean windows. Spring is apt to be brief and I'd like to have good view of it while it lasts. The hot weather that is surely coming demands that the drapes be kept closed through much of the day. Dimness makes the house seem cooler than it is, and it's certainly cheaper than running the air conditioner. Plus once the yard turns mostly brown from lack of watering I don't think I'll be eager to look at it.

The evening is cool enough that I'll be able to fire up the oven. I've got frozen things to bake, including an apple pie. This is perfect apple pie a la mode weather: cool enough for baking and not too cold for ice cream. I doubt I'll want to sleep before two o'clock in the morning, so there's plenty of time for everything, as long as I don't let the Internets distract me. so goodnight, Internets.

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