rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Shameless Trees

It was much cooler today, and the night is almost cold. The furnace might even go on later, maybe for the last time this spring. But the cooler day coincided with the arrival of the pine pollen. Patches of the golden dust were everywhere today, and that means it will be getting thicker for the next few days. I'm already achy and my sinuses are getting clogged and my throat scratchy, so I probably won't feel like doing much until the pines are done with their unspeakable acts. Oddly, I haven't sneezed very much today, but I probably will once the weather worms up again.

This would be a good time for one more rainstorm, just to wash away the evidence of this arboreal shamelessness. And the long range weather report does indeed predict some chance of rain next Sunday, but that will leave me with four days of discomfort, and this year predictions of rain have failed more than they've been fulfilled. Still, I can hope.

A new motor was installed for the blower in the HVAC system yesterday, so when the really hot weather arrives the machine will be more efficient. It's a bit quieter than the old motor, which was a pleasing surprise. I doubt that it will save more than a dollar or two a month on the electric bill, but knowing that the fan is likely to continue working is worth something too. I was getting worried about the old one as it was sometimes making some pretty banshee-like noises, indicating impending demise. Now I'll only have to worry about the other moving parts, but I haven't heard them complaining yet so I won't worry very hard.

My own moving parts are bit creakier. My next appointment with the chiropractor is a week from today, and as it will only have been four weeks between adjustments this time I'm hoping it will be a bit easier, and more enduring, than the last one was. In the meantime I'm going to be avoiding anything that might aggravate it.

Drat, there goes midnight again. This is getting to be a bad habit.

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