rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Oh, the time flies.

Heh. Time flies. (Like the plural of "fly," get it? Crap, I just punned myself!) Well, I was checking old links in my favorites list, to see which were dead, and to find a few to post about. I want to post about a few sites that have decent collections of pictures from old movies, but I ended up spending so much time browsing around them, that I have no time left to write the post.

Okay, I'll put one. I may have posted something about this one several months ago, when it looked as though it was going to shut down. I'm happy it survives. And, there are a lot of new people reading my journal who might not have seen any earlier posts about it. This is The Index of Hollywood, which has a large collection of publicity photographs and movie stills, many dating back to the silent era. The index is on one long page, alphabetized mostly by first name, with the color pictures in a list embeded in the larger list under the letter "c." Odd, yes, but it works. If all you want to see is black and white, just skip the links that start with "c-".

Most of the pictures are small, but among them are some classic shots of the stars of the classic era of Hollywood movies. (I recommend the picture of Hedy Lamar nude, (under "h," of course,) but there is much more.) Anyone who likes the old movies will enjoy this site. And, for the kids, yes, they do have a couple of pictures of Brad Pitt. :-P

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