rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Oh, dear. Another evening slept away. This time I didn't wake up until almost ten o'clock, with all my evening tasks left undone. The feral cats were very unhappy about having missed their dinner, and Portia was undoubtedly displeased by the fact that I hadn't cleaned her litter box. I still haven't gotten around to checking the mail. Lately I've been trying to get that done before nightfall, as a mountain lion was seen in the area not long ago. I'm not expecting anything for which my being eaten would be a justifiable risk, so I might leave that task for tomorrow.

The gibbous moon is pretty bright tonight, so I didn't get too wet refilling the feral cats' water bowls in the dark. The air is still mild, and still smelling of grass, so it is pleasant being outside, but I'm not going to venture out of the back yard, or too far from the back door. I'm sure if the lion tries to sneak up on me the feral cats will smell it or hear it first and give me warning. Unless of course they are expecting the lion to leave them some fresh meat once he's done with me. One never knows for sure with cats. Maybe I should get a dog, just for insurance against feline betrayal.

Oh, crap. Is it really midnight already? Stupid naps.

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