rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I spent most of the day dozing in front of the television. It was an overcast day anyway, though tonight the sky is full of thin clouds and the air is full of a chilly haze. It's like the sad ghost of winter hanging around. I also did some snacking in between naps, because I never felt like preparing an actual meal. Now I feel less than hungry, but curiously unsatisfied.

Things that are neither one thing nor the other are sometimes worrisome. Should I now try to eat a meal I don't really want, or should I just snack some more, or should I just stay less than hungry and yet unsatisfied? Too bad I didn't think to bake that frozen apple pie I have. Pie has the power to make worrisome things go away, as long as you don't eat too much of it at once.

But there's a haze in my head to match the one in the air. Eating something might diminish it, so maybe I'll open a can of soup, or maybe I can work up enough ambition to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Long ago I lived near enough to a 24-hour restaurant that I could go out and get pancakes or some scrambled eggs and hash browned potatoes when I got like this, but those days are gone, probably forever. I'm forced to fend for myself, and fending is not one of my strengths. Maybe I'll just go back to sitting in front of the television and see if I can doze some more. Put off the eating until tomorrow.

But then by tomorrow the haze might have taken over so much of my brain that I'll have forgotten how to fend altogether. That would be sad because all that stuff in the refrigerator would end up going to waste. I suppose this is why some people drink those horrible energy drinks. Maybe that keeps them from becoming unfendful. I guess I'd better eat something. It will give me an excuse to drink some beer, and that's as good a reason for eating as any, I suppose.

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