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The frogs are back this evening, and listening to them is some compensation for a rather weird day. Last night I went to sleep about half past one in the morning, but woke up two hours later and couldn't get back to sleep. Then I fell asleep again about nine o'clock and didn't wake up until after one o'clock in the afternoon. It pretty much ended any possibility of getting to the stores today, so my weekly shopping trip is put off until Sunday. Luckily I'm not out of anything important, and Safeway didn't have any decent Friday specials this week anyway, so it's no big deal.

The other annoying thing is that my chiropractic adjustment earlier this month hasn't held up very well, so I'm already getting low grade headaches and having difficulty finding comfortable positions to sleep in. My next appointment is two weeks from this coming Tuesday, so there's a lot of annoyance ahead. Good news is that this month's power bill came today and was just under $90, and I was expecting it to be over a hundred, so I've got an extra ten bucks and change to squander.

My back yard has been enduring a veritable plaque of robins. Early this morning one was running about on the roof of my back porch, making quite a racket. Others poked about on the lawn or the scruffy area beyond the jasmine hedge. The feral cats were nowhere to be seen, but they probably wouldn't have chased the robins off anyway. I've never seen any of them go after robins. Either robins are too quick for them, or don't taste good, or are dangerous avian thugs whom the cats fear.

I was more pleased by the unseen woodpecker who drummed on a tree somewhere nearby as dusk fell this evening. I really enjoy the sound the woodpeckers make. It suggests enormous spaces full of wonders and mysteries, making the world seem more interesting than really it is, and I'll take a pleasant illusion over a bland reality any day.

Today was the vernal equinox, plus there was a supermoon (unseen, of course) and a total eclipse of the sun, visible only in the north Atlantic region. That's a lot of activity for one day. It apparently didn't presage the end of the world, though, as everything is still here, as far as I can tell. At least the Internet is still here, and that's as close to everything as I ever get. A happy spring to all and sundry.

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