rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Fried Day

Well, I've gotten through Friday with nothing much worse than exhaustion from too much doing and too little sleep. Well, maybe dinner will add indigestion to the minus side, but on the whole it wasn't as bad as I'd expected. The weekend might even give me time to relax and recover. It might even get a bit cooler over the next couple of days. Today nudged 77 degrees, but it's supposed to get back down to the low seventies by Sunday. It will be like April instead of like May. My hope is that it won't start feeling like June until near the end of the month.

I got the shopping done today, but the stores still haven't got any of the bottles of plain Guinness they used to have. There's only that bottled draft stuff, which is kind of a contradiction in terms. It was on sale (for St.Patrick's Day) but I didn't buy any. If I keep thinking about it I might go back for a six pack on Sunday. Ir really miss having Guinness every March, and maybe the fake draft stuff isn't as bad as I remember it being the one time I tried it.

Bees are finally showing up, but in very small numbers. Other insects are more plentiful. Right now I've got on of those flying creatures that looks like a tiny ladybug crawling on my monitor. I have no idea why they come into the house, but they usually end up cooking themselves in the desk lamp, so I'm going to see if I can get it onto a tissue and take it outside.

This afternoon I had to rescue a spider from the sink on my back porch. I don't know how long it had been trapped there, but I got it out by putting a towel in the sink and poking at the bug with the corner of a sponge. When it crawled onto the towel I picked the towel up and shook the spider onto a patch of ground cover. I hope she's happy there. She'll undoubtedly be happier than she was stuck in the slippery sink she couldn't climb out of.

One of the stores had Irish soda bread on sale, and I've never had it before so I bought some. I doubt that it's authentic, but it is interesting. The stuff turns out to be almost as close to cake as it is to bread, but heavier than either of them. It is slightly sweet and has little bits of fruit (currents, I suppose, as they are too soft to be raisins) in it. It makes a decent support for bread's more important partner, butter, but it's unlikely to become a staple of my diet. I like bread to be bread-like, and cake to be cake-like, and this meeting of the twain is too ambiguous for my tastes. I might like it better if I had some Guinness to go with it, though.

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