rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Crunch Time

So I got my head yanked by the chiropractor today. Things were bit sticky due to having gone five weeks without an adjustment. Four weeks seems to be the ideal length between adjustments, though the sneezing I've been doing due to the early spring might have contributed to the problem this time. A vigorous sneeze can be hard on your neck, and my sneezes tend to get quite vigorous.

I still haven't adjusted to daylight savings time. I keep thinking it's earlier than it is when it's actually later than it is, and then I end up in rush because I thought I had more time than I did. The switch back in fall isn't so bad, because then I end up having more time than I thought, but I really hate the change in spring. And it isn't really spring when it happens anymore, either, as March is technically still winter.

Today March actually managed to look like winter, thanks to an overcast that lingered most of the day, but the air didn't feel any more like winter than it did yesterday. It's still much to warm for March, and last night I went to sleep without turning the thermostat down and then I woke up feeling uncomfortably hot this morning. At least I remembered to turn off the computer last night. I've been forgetting to do that much too often of late, and it isn't properly rested when I go to use the next day. But given a choice I'd rather remember the thermostat than the computer. The nights are still getting chilly enough that the furnace will run if it's set at anything above 60 degrees.

Tonight I think I'll fix the rest of the asparagus I bought last Friday, but I don't know what to have it with. There's more frozen Italian stuff, but it doesn't sound very appealing to me tonight. After an adjustment I like to eat light. Maybe I'll just have the asparagus and a small grilled cheese sandwich. There are some tiny end slices of French bread that will go to waste unless I make them go to waist. And I hope there's something worth watching on television, as I feel like being relaxed. Adjustments are tiring.

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