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This afternoon I went shopping and the thermometer at the big church along the way (some churches here now have digital clock/thermometer displays like banks have) said 75 degrees at three o'clock in the afternoon. This is not normal. It's early March. This is a bad thing. What became of the coming in like a lion thing? I even had to water the plants in the back yard this evening because I feared they would soon begin turning yellow. The ground cover has barely come up, and I don't want to see it die so early in the year. The first rose buds have not yet begun to open, and if the bushes don't get water they might never open. We are not amused.

But at least the milder evening has brought more frogs out. There is a substantial chorus singing tonight, though they remain fewer in number than they were a couple of weeks ago. Yet even diminished, they make a nice sound track to listen to while I watch the rising moon paint the shadows of fresh foliage across the eastern wall of my house. The air is scented with cut grass again, as the next door neighbors had their lawn mowed this afternoon. I wasn't here to listen to the machine, but I knew it had been at work as soon as I opened my back door after returning from the stores. It undoubtedly stank while it was running, but the machine smell has dissipated, while the pleasant scent of the grass lingers.

The rain that had been anticipated for later this week has been canceled, and the estimated temperatures have been raised yet again. Happily it is not yet expected to get so hot that I'll have to close my windows all day. If fact it will probably be pleasantly balmy, though the pleasure will be tainted by the knowledge that the drought is as persistent as ever. And I still haven't seen any bees in the yard. I have no idea what insects will pollinate the plants this year. I'd hate to think that all my sneezing will go for naught because the pollen that brings it on will go to waste. Bees, come back!

Having gone shopping means I got no nap today, so it will probably be another early night for me. I bought way too much stuff at the stores, but still can't figure out what I should have for dinner. Most of what I bought was stuff that will keep a long time, though I did get some asparagus. I paid more for it than I was willing to do in previous years, but at $1.88 a pound it was the cheapest I've seen it in ages, and I've missed having it, so I splurged. It's not for tonight, though. I'll have some with the frozen lasagna I'll heat up tomorrow, and maybe save some to go with whatever I decide to have with the last sweet potato I'm likely to eat this winter. I miss the old days when irrigation water was plentiful and I could get asparagus for .99c a pound three or four times a year. I also miss having chilly nights on which I could bake things like sweet potatoes well into April. I expect that it will soon be too hot to have the oven on at all. Accursed seasons out of place!

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