rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Every time I go outside on one of these mild afternoons we've been having I keep thinking what perfect weather this is— or at least would would be, if only it had arrived five or six weeks later. Today was especially nice, as I didn't sneeze very much. Either the plants aren't putting out much pollen right now, or I've gotten used to snorting the stuff, which isn't very likely. It's troubling that I'm still not seeing any bees, though. With all the flowers blooming there ought to be buzzing all afternoon.

Clouds began gathering this evening, and it looks as though tomorrow really could bring the welcome rain that has been predicted, even though the chances in the forecast have been reduced to 30%. Saturday now has a 60% chance of rain, so it might be that it will arrive late Friday evening, which means I could have a chance to go shopping tomorrow afternoon without getting wet. It's going to be quite a bit cooler, though, with the high dipping into the fifties for the first time in a week.

This afternoon's nap was only about two hours again, which is considerably better than four hours, though still on the long side. At least I woke up while there were still a couple of hours of daylight left. And tonight there will be moonlight whenever the clouds part, and the rest of the time the clouds will glow. That's my favorite sort of night, and it won't be getting cold until morning so I'll have plenty of time to watch it. Maybe the longish nap today wasn't such a bad thing.

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