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Still [Feb. 25th, 2015|09:56 pm]
Today I managed to pare down my afternoon nap to about two hours, but that was only because Portia demanded that I wake up and feed her. An insistent kitty is a pretty good alarm clock, though there's no way to set it to wake you at a particular time. I just got lucky today.

The moon is now about half full, and the air has turned fairly still, so the cool night is both bright and quiet. It still doesn't feel like February out there, but at least it no longer feels like April. It's bound to get chillier before morning, but I expect to be asleep by then. A two hour nap is not enough to keep me awake all night.

One of the feral cats is having feline lunacy tonight and has been running back and forth across the roof. I will assume that this is not an omen of any sort, but merely the beast chasing moths or some other small creature brought out by the mild weather. But the mildness will be interrupted, if we're lucky. There is still a 40% chance of rain Friday, and cooler temperatures could bring snow as low as 3,500 feet. It's probably too late in the season to start building any significant snow pack, so the drought is still on, but I might get enough rain to eliminate the need to irrigate for a few more days.

There are finally some buds on the rose bushes, but no more than ten altogether. Some of the bushes just seem to be putting out more and more leaves. By the time they get any buds, if they ever do, they will be so tall that the flowers are apt be about as high as the eaves of the house. Only the birds will be pleased at that. I'll just be looking at the undersides of the blossoms.

I'm still missing the frogs. Maybe the upcoming rain will bring a second amphibian population boom and I'll get a few more nights of listening to their songs. Tonight I'll have to settle for whatever is on television.


[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2015-02-26 06:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, that reminds me -- I have access to Endeavour season 2 but had forgotten to go watch! There's always plenty of murder on there, plus English scenery.

I'm still bemoaning the blueness of the Cascades and Olympics up here. They are supposed to look like Alps right now, damn it all. The sea level on the east coast is up a bunch, though, so at least I'm not carping about that here!

Hope you get more frogs.
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