rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

In the Soup

Yesterday my lawns got their first mowing of the year, about a month earlier than usual. The air still smells of cut grass tonight. It's yet another blow against winter. Still another is that the chance of rain on Friday has been reduced from 60% to 40 percent, and the chance on Saturday from 40% to 20&. Not that the warm rain was going to be especially wintry, but at least it would be rain. Now it looks as though I'd better water those rose bushes. There are three buds on one, four buds on another, and two buds on a third. The other three are still budless. I suspect that I pruned them wrong.

The mild weather is throwing off my long-term menu plans. I loaded my cupboard with soup this year, which I like to have for lunch on a chilly day or a late snack on a cold night, and now there will probably be too few chilly days and nights for me to use up my supply. We might even be getting sandwich weather soon. It's another one of those annoyances that one gets when one does not live in a place where one starves. Too much food of one kind! What a luxury! I might set a few cans out where I can see them, to remind me of how easy my life is. Maybe it will make having my landscape incinerated by the sun easier to bear this summer.

The dry spell has apparently gotten to the frogs, as they are silent again tonight. They had awfully short lives this year. I'm going to miss hearing them.

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