rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Again with the split shift sleeping! It really messes up the day, and I just don't get anything done. That's probably because it takes me about two hours to fully wake up, and if I have to do that twice in one day that's an awful lot of time stumbling around in a fog. If only I could turn my brain fog into a real fog. Then I wouldn't mind so much.

The wind that I expected last night never got very strong. The weather service had a wind advisory in effect for the area until four o'clock this afternoon, but today wasn't even as breezy as yesterday. The failure of the prediction is distressing because they are predicting a 60% chance of rain on Friday, and a 40% chance on Saturday. Their poor track record this year does not bode well for that storm. I'd really like to have that rain because the rose bushes are on the verge of needing water and I don't want to irrigate more than I absolutely must.

Rare foray into political news: Jon Stewart just said that Greece was supposed to submit to the International Monetary Fund today a list of economic reforms their government will put in place. My guess is they haven't written the list, but will offer the excuse that Cerberus ate it. If I were the IMF I'd be inclined to cut them some slack and pretend to believe them, if only because the Germans have been such dicks about the whole situation for so many years. Stupid Krauts. I'm glad my ancestors left that place.
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