rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


An unexpected wind has come up tonight. The trees are making a lot of noise and I can't hear the frogs. The lights have flickered a few times and I fear there might be a power outage, so the computer has to be shut down. I slept through the best time for writing a journal entry, so this has to be short. I hate sleeping through the evening and waking up in the dark not knowing what day it is. Missing dinner isn't so hot either. If I'm going to microwave a burrito I'd better get to it or I'll end up having to heat something on the stove top instead. Too bad they can't make gas powered microwave ovens.

Still sneezing from the premature pollen, too, and I'll bet that the wind is going to stir up loads more of it. Tomorrow might be unpleasant. This would be a perfect time for unexpected rain, but hell has not yet frozen over— unless you consider the east hell, and I don't think that counts. Such seriously messed up weather this is.

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