rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The early onset of spring also brings the early onset of pollen, and now I'm suffering from Cranial Tardis Syndrome. CTS is when the inside of your head feels bigger than the outside, and every sneeze threatens to bring on a temporal tantrum. So far my head hasn't exploded, but it certainly feels as though it will. Or maybe it will just bloom, like an overenthusiastic flower bursting forth. It has many examples to follow. Such a riot of colors has emerged in the last few days that when I went to the stores there was a surprise around every corner. If my head blooms, though, it will just be gray. Gray is not a good color for blossoms.

Meanwhile, all the snow appears to be falling on Pennsylvania. Curse that groundhog for summoning our winter to him! Clearly he is in league with the devil, and the devil wants the entire west for himself. Soon we will endure the summer of the damned, and it will be all Phil's fault. But not just yet. In fact we are promised some cooling next week. We will be enjoying some lovely, cool April days for the remainder of February, though without the showers. Well, no showers other than the watering of my eyes from the pollen.

Though I'd much rather be having a rainstorm right now, at least the clear sky afforded me a nice view of Venus only a few degrees from the waxing crescent moon. It's quite an enjoyable sight, and the frogs are still providing a musical accompaniment for it. As I am soon to be incinerated, I intend to enjoy it while I may.

Oh, I shouldn't have said may. May is too close to summer. Now once again my head feels like it's going to explode.

Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year (one day late.) It's the year of the goat. Mine's already been gotten.

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