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Tonight Orion has a broad swath of clear sky across which to shoot his arrows. He won't have it for long,though. The leaves on the oak trees are appearing at a furious pace. Within a few nights much more of the sky over my back yard will be blotted out. Pushy spring is making winter back down, but life has a way of paying bullies back and I suspect that summer will soon be giving spring as good as spring is giving winter. In fact maybe spring isn't being pushy, but running from an aggressive summer and bowling into winter as an unintended consequence. Either way, I fear the year is not starting out well and is apt to get pretty unpleasant before much longer.

This premature spring is pleasant enough, even though it's out of place in February, and I find myself woolgathering as I sit on the back porch as the balmy afternoon passes. So many birds visit the yard now that the feral cats don't even bother to wake up and stalk them. The early warmth seems to have caught the bees unaware, as well, as I haven't seen any. Of course it might be that the local colonies have all collapsed. It might also be the fact that so much of the orchard at the end of the block has been torn out in preparation for its site's conversion into a public park. The orchard's owners used to import a few hives every spring to pollinate the trees, but that won't happen anymore.

My sleep schedule continues to be totally weird. Last night I fell asleep before half past nine and then woke up before three o'clock in the morning. I ended up taking a nap from about ten in the morning until noon. It's a good thing I don't have any appointments scheduled this week, because stability appears to be a long way off. I do have other things to do, though, and too many of them are going undone. There's a general undoing underway, it seems. What is to become?

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