rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Blown Monday

Long afternoon and evening naps are a drag, but sleeping from six o'clock until almost midnight is a disaster. Even though it was probably the best sleep I've had in weeks, there is now the problem of what to do with the rest of the night, and the question of what will become of tomorrow. I had plans, but now they're pretty much screwed. I used to do this sort of stupid thing when I was nineteen, but then I had more energy to deal with the consequences. The likelihood of my having a second childhood is something I've come to terms with, but the prospect of a second adolescence fills me with dread. I only hope I don't get stupid enough to wear those skinny pants again.

Because I slept through the evening I had to take the wheelie bins out at midnight. Monday having been a holiday, the trash pickup today will probably be earlier than usual and I don't want to miss it. Having trash in the bin for two weeks is a thing I don't want to happen. The thought of it sitting there rotting creeps me out. Once it's been hauled off to the landfill I can forget about it, at least until the mutant vermin that probably will develop there overrun the world. Better that they develop in the landfill than in my yard, though.

Perhaps it's only the lateness of the hour, but the frogs seem to be much quieter tonight, which means there are probably fewer of them. It could be the drying of their stream, of course, but I'd rather not contemplate that. It's inevitable that it will dry, but now is much too soon. I had hoped to have them around for several weeks, but the weather forecast does not look good for them. Even though the days are supposed to get a bit cooler, not a drop of rain is predicted. Even the cooling will be slight, and the days will continue to be in the high sixties and the nights in the mid forties. I might as well be in Los Angeles, where I could at least go out and get a decent hamburger.

Despite all the sleep I got I still lack energy. I think I'll go veg out in front of the TV. I have to think about eating something, too, since I slept through dinner. I hope everybody had a nice Presidents Day. I never got to K-mart, so I don't know if there was a sale or not. My brain is scattering. Time to shut up.

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