rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The balmy afternoon was lovely. Plants are popping up everywhere, and the lilac bushes are getting buds. The recent rain has left the lawns bright green, and the leaves of the daffodils are growing quite tall, though there are no blossoms yet. It was a perfect April day. Too bad it arrived in the second week of February.

Seasons out of place make me nervous, and anxiety leaves me enervated. I was able to have the windows open for much of the day, but I can't say that it made me happy to do so. I keep worrying about what summer will bring. If today had been a fluke coming in the middle of a proper winter I'd have found it completely delightful, but there has been too little winter this year, and I fear that the remainder of the season will be less like what little winter we've had and more like today.

The current forecast is not encouraging. The few clouds we had to day will be gone by Saturday, and the temperature will rise into the seventies. Clear skies and warm air lie ahead, day after day, for at least a week. What will I do with all the soup I've laid in? When will I get to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly afternoon again? Must I start buying lemonade so early in the year? If so, I think I'll blame those robins who are still hanging around. They brought the spring with them!

It's all so wrong!

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