rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today I spent quite a bit of time with Firefox, as Opera is still refusing to dependably open pages at Internet Archive (it will open some but not others of exactly the same type, which I find inexplicable.) It went very slowly— way more slowly than when I use the (also unsatisfactory for my purposes) Chrome. I guess I'll just use Chrome when I want to open a lot of IA pages in the future, because Firefox seems to be getting clunkier and clunkier. It's reverting to Mozilla type, and Mozilla was the clunkiest browser I ever used— even clunkier than Internet Exploder or Netscape. When Firefox first appeared it was pretty fast and easy, though even then it lacked some features I wanted and use frequently in Opera, but now it's like wading through digital molasses. What a long day it was.

The night is apt to be less lengthy than last night was, because today I didn't take a nap, so even though I didn't get up until around nine o'clock I'm still approaching sleepiness. As nothing exciting that would reawaken me is likely to happen I'll probably have no trouble nodding off before one o'clock this morning. Maybe sooner if I eat some carbs. I'm considering making some popcorn. Having an extra beer with it would make me even more likely to get to sleep soon. Now if Portia will refrain from breaking any more lamps (yes, she broke a lamp today by knocking it off a desk) I'll be able to relax for a while. I need to unwind from the Firefox experience.

There was something else I was going to write about but I've forgotten it. I, too, appear to be reverting to Mozilla type. Each day my brain gets clunkier. Maybe it's all the lead I inhaled as kid growing up in one of the smoggiest corners of Los Angeles. The brain damage might finally be catching up with me. Probably not just lead, either. I remember drinking out of plastic glasses that were outgassing so rapidly that they would turn brittle and crack after a year or two of use, and I could actually taste the plastic if I held my tongue to it. Most of the plastic stuff I have now will probably outlast me by thousands of years. Most of it probably has a better memory than I have anymore, too. Clearly I'm not going to remember what it was I was going to say, but just keep going off on tangents. I guess I'll go out and look at the stars for a while and then make that popcorn.

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