rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Warming Up to February

The frogs are enjoying their water. It will be nice if more rain comes later this month, and through the spring, so they can go on singing for a long time, but I fear that drought will dry the stream and the nights will soon be without the froggy chorus. The cool air already feels more like spring than winter, and smells of fresh growth. A few sunny days will bring not only longer grass but burgeoning weeds, and sunny days are due. Hotter days beyond that will dry the weeds, and the grass as well since there will be no water to waste on it. I can easily imagine April looking (and feeling) like June, and June bringing the sultry atmosphere of August, but with the relief of mild autumn still months away.

My sleep schedule has gone pear shaped (more so than usual) again, and I slept away the evening. There's no telling what will happen tonight, but I hope to get back to something more like normal by Friday so it won't interfere with shopping. There's another chance to get kitty litter cheap, and if there's one thing in my life that is unchanging it is that the kitty poos, and she likes to do it indoors so she won't be interrupted by the feral kitties. I buy a lot of kitty litter. In exchange I get purrs. Probably not the best deal around, but I'll take it.

The odd sleep hours kept me from having dinner on time, and I'm not sure what to make tonight. I ate up almost all my frozen stuff when I was expecting a power outage, and now I have to choose from among my canned goods. It's probably going to be chili beans again. Well, that's okay. I guess beans qualify as comfort food— though only until they qualify as discomfort food. I sure wish I could get some takeout from Los Angeles, though. It's so disappointing that we don't have long distance teleportation for food yet.

Speaking of teleportation, AT&T (which I wouldn't trust to teleport anything, but that's another story) has finally fixed my telephone account and I'm no longer paying for stuff I don't use. In fact I'm getting a credit for the next couple of months. Now I'll be able to afford the heat I needed when it was cold. Gee, thanks, AT&T.

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