rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Time to Croak

Today brought no more than a few sprinkles, though the sky remained mostly cloudy. The real surprise came late in the afternoon, when the frogs began croaking. There must be hundreds of them in the stream valley a few hundred feet east of my house. I enjoy the croaking of frogs even more than I dislike the constant buzzing of the cicadas in late summer. The frog chorus is very restful, almost like the purring of a cat. It probably won't be audible tomorrow as the rain is expected to return and its noise will drown the frog songs out.

So far we've been lucky. Despite some very powerful wind last night which at times shook the windows there have been no more power outages. I was able to fall asleep in front of the television as usual, and it was still on when I woke up some five hours later. Tonight I might fall asleep a bit earlier, because I didn't get an afternoon nap and because it's very quiet. Last night's wind was so noisy that it kept distracting me from the television and waking me every time I started to nod off.

It's going to be getting a bit cooler, and Monday night will bring the lowest temperature of the week. There is still some chance of rain Monday, so that could be our best chance of seeing the snow level creep down a bit. It would be nice if this storm would leave the higher mountains just a bit of snowpack to remember it by. The middle of next week is expected to get positively springlike, with days getting above seventy degrees. More flowers will undoubtedly begin to bloom, and there might even be a few bees buzzing about. I wish that damned groundhog wasn't such a liar.

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