rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wet At Last

It began drizzling sometime early this morning, and for a few hours all we got was drizzle and sprinkles, but about an hour ago the serious rain began, along with some blustery winds. This could be one of those storms that is quiet much of the time with a few periods of furious downpour that drops an inch or two in an hour. Right now I've got some god sized pools of water in my poorly drained back yard, and there's a fairly wide stream along the verge of the road. I'm going to make an attempt to get to the stores (cheap pie today only!) and hope that I don't get caught in one of those downpours.

Whether or not I will buy any frozen stuff I haven't decided yet. The wind is pretty strong, and could get stronger, and so there's a pretty high chance of a power outage. That's why I wanted to get an entry posted. I might be cut off from the Internet for some time at least once over the next few days. Any minute now, in fact, so this is done.

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