rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

On the Way

This afternoon I was on the back porch and kept hearing a faint scratching noise from the roof. I thought one of the feral cats might be up there doing something, so I tapped on the ceiling with the end of a broom, and suddenly the scratching intensified and was joined by a louder noise like leaves blowing in the wind, although the air was still. Immediately, a flock of about forty small birds took off. They must have been pecking at something up there— aphids or seeds or something else birds eat. I'd been unaware that my roof had become an avian banquet hall.

Well, I hope they got their fill despite my rude interruption of their meal, because tomorrow the rain is expected to begin, though, not surprisingly, the chances have been diminished. But on Friday whatever is up there is apt to get washed away because the Big Rain is expected to arrive then. The day I most want to go to the store the forecast is predicting that almost five inches of rain will fall. For some reason this neighborhood frequently gets more than the rest of the town, so I wouldn't be surprised if we got well above five inches. It's probably going to be pretty steady all day, too, except for the periods of furious downpour, so if I go out I'm bound to get soaked. I might have to give up on the idea of going, which would be very disappointing, especially since Safeway will have cheap pie and cheap ice cream. Bargain a-la-mode!

And then there's the possibility of power outage, which could lead to the melting of the ice cream. The pies are of the frozen variety, too, so they would not only thaw out in the freezer but I would be unable to bake them because the oven is electric. I must say this is the most inconveniently timed storm we've had in ages.

Tonight I'm going to finish off some of the frozen burritos, and then start freezing a few bottles of water that will serve to slow the loss of cold in the freezer should the power go out. I've got some frozen pasta that I will probably have for dinner tomorrow night, so maybe the delay in the storm's arrival is a good thing. The fish sticks and frozen peas will just have to take their chances. Just like me. And the feral cats, as there's no time to build them an ark.

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