rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Oh, Snap

This afternoon was head-yanking day at the chiropractor. A couple of vertebrae about halfway down my back were really stuck, and getting them unstuck has left me a bit sore, so I haven't been sitting at the computer much since I got home. Mostly I've been lying on my back or walking around, but my feet are getting tired so I'll probably spend most of the rest of the night horizontal on the couch. As I didn't get an afternoon nap I'll probably be going to sleep fairly early. It's just as well. The computer isn't being very cooperative this evening. It's too bad I'll miss the full moon sailing through the clouds, though.

The rain is still on for five days starting Thursday. The prediction is now for between four and ten inches in the foothills, plus periodic winds with gusts above 50 MPH. It's going to be a serious test for the new roof. It's pretty much a certainty that I'll lose power for at least part of the period, but as it isn't going to be very cold I should be able to get by okay with the gas heater in the den. I don't like being stuck in that room during a big wind storm, though, as the tree most likely to fall is the oak just over the fence from that room.

I should probably try to use up as much stuff from the freezer as possible over the next couple of days, just in case there is a prolonged power outage. It's quite annoying that among the bargains at Safeway's Friday sale is good ice cream at less than half the usual price. I don't know if I'll dare to buy any— assuming I can even get out on Friday. That's expected to be the rainiest of the days during the storm, and what with the wind it's possible that a number of roads will be blocked by fallen trees. I might want to simply burrow under a pile of blankets with some hot chocolate and cinnamon toast (if the toaster is working— otherwise it will be cookies) and a book.

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