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The Stupid! It Hurts! - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Stupid! It Hurts! [Jan. 30th, 2015|11:07 pm]
So I wake up and, gradually, reality intrudes itself into my mind. I have fallen asleep without eating dinner, but I don't know exactly when. The digital clock on the cable box looks like is says six o'clock, and because it's dark out but it can't possibly be six in the evening I think I've slept all night, and I get started on Saturday morning tasks. After giving the cats their breakfast and cleaning out Portia's litter box, I realize that I'd missed making a journal entry and had forgotten to turn the computer off, so I go to turn the machine off and I see that it's barely half past ten on Friday evening.

I had intended to pour myself a glass of orange juice as soon as the computer was off, so it's a good thing the machine tells time so much better than I do, and my eyesight is still good enough to see its clock. I'd have drunk the juice and an hour later would have been sitting around in a growing panic because the sun wasn't coming up. It would have been OMG, the Earth has stopped turning! But it turns out that the cats just got their dinner a couple of hours late, and I have to change the outdoor water bowls by moonlight.

But damn, I'd thought Friday night was over and done with, and now I find I still have it all to get through. I must have slept about four hours, and I'm at least eight hours farther from death than I'd thought I was. What a disappointment. And I was really looking forward to that orange juice. Now I'm going to be disoriented for the rest of the night, and I have to figure out what to eat for my belated dinner. I really must get new glasses, or some clocks with much bigger numbers on them.