rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hey Joe Where You Goin' With That Tongue In Your Hand?

Joe is here now, Joe! Is this the Joe you know?

     —Heading of an email I recently received from

Well, I have no clue. Is it the Joe I know? Am I the Joe I know? Does the Joe I might or might not know know me? Have I multiple personality disorder and another personality so unimaginative that he calls himself Joe? Does the Zack who gets college recruitment e-mails at my address know the Joe I might or might not know? So many questions, so little information. This is what happens when you let computers get too familiar and start calling you by your first name. We ought never to have allowed this. Some computers appear to have become trolls. Sluggo was a troll, but had only me on whom to visit his depredations. Computers at big web sites have everybody. We really ought to put a stop to it. We could form an organization. I wonder of Zack and the Joe I might or might not know would help?
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