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Sweat It Out - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sweat It Out [Jan. 28th, 2015|10:26 pm]
Totally passed out around eleven o'clock last night then woke up before dawn. Yesterday's steely gray sky was replaced by bright sun once again, with just a few clouds to occasionally shade the robins as they pecked at my lawn. I didn't get a nap, and I just know I'm going to go comatose early again tonight. Have I even mentioned how much I hate being a day person? My nocturnal life was so relaxing, but now I see too much and there's too much noise and I'm on edge all the time. I'd do some relaxation exercises but I keep forgetting, and then when I do remember it's always when I'm doing something else that can't be interrupted. Next Tuesday I get an adjustment from the chiropractor, and maybe that will help calm me down a bit.

The rain we were supposed to might get this week didn't arrive, and the current forecast has days upon days of sun, with nary a high below sixty degrees. What a miserable excuse for a winter this is. I'm already sneezing like it was spring. The weather must be fooling plants into pollinating early. As long as the night is so balmy I might as well go out and look at the fattening moon for a while. The fresh air might keep me awake a little bit longer. And I might hear more geese flying north, if they haven't all departed this withering region already. I'm not looking forward to February with any great relish.