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Last night I barely got my journal entry posted when there was a power outage. I have no idea what caused it. There was no wind, no snow, there wasn't anything that would have overtaxed the grid, and it certainly wasn't a flood. It probably wasn't a fire, either, or I'd have smelled it. It might have been a drunk driver knocking down a pole, or might have been a failure of some piece of aged equipment, or might have been an unlucky squirrel sleepwalking on a line and shorting it out. I'll probably never know. I also don't know how long the outage lasted, as I fell asleep about half an hour into it and didn't wake up until after the power was back on. All I know for sure is that I woke up about half past five in the morning.

I used to be able to tell how long an outage had lasted by looking at my analog electric clock, which would stop and then start back up, thus allowing me to see how many minutes it had lost, but the analog electric clock died some time ago and now I have nothing to calculate with. The cable box and computer clocks reset themselves, and the oven clock just blinks 12:00 until I reset it. I couldn't even make a guess based on how cold the house got, because last night just wasn't very cold, and the furnace had come back on when power was restored and it heated the house enough that by the time I woke up I was feeling uncomfortably warm.

The new television didn't wake me up when the power came back, either. Previous televisions have always come back on as soon as the power came back, and always with the sound very loud, so they always woke me up. That was the only other indication I got of how long the power had been off, and now that's gone too. In the future if I want to know how long the power has been out I guess I'll just have to stay awake until it's been restored. Or I could get a new analog electric clock. I'm sure I could find one at K-mart, a fairly reliable source of obsolescent things.

I have to go to K-mart Friday anyway, as I washed my bath mats a few days ago and one of them shed most of its rubber backing and is now a slip-and-slide. It must be replaced lest I break my neck getting out of the shower. If I die in the bathroom with the door closed the cat won't be able to eat my corpse, and I hate tho think of her going hungry until I'm found. K-mart happens to have some ugly bath mats on sale this week (ugly seems to be the only kind they stock anymore) and I'm supposed to get five dollars off a purchase of twenty dollars or more until Friday, so a bath mat and a clock should just about do it. I was going to get two bath mats, but now I'm going to consider the clock in place of one of them. My second bath mat survived this washing mostly intact, but probably won't survive another. That means I've got a few months before I must replace it, and in the meantime it can go in the bathroom I don't shower in.

Gee, this stuff is all so fascinating, and I'm sure I could come up with lots more just as good, but I'm starting to get sarcastic, and that's sure sign I should shut up.

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