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Honk Honk

It's possible that AT&T has finally fixed the problem with my account that they created last October, but I'll have to wait until my next bill arrives before I'll know for sure. Yesterday I spoke to the fifth "customer representative" (a representative of the company who deals with customers— nobody at the company actually represents the customers) since the first guy who caused the problem, and it might be that this one finally got it right. I'm not certain because she had a fairly thick East Indian accent overlaid with a posh English accent, which I found fairly difficult to understand.

A positive sign is that caller IDs have vanished from the screen of the one telephone I have that has a screen, and caller ID was one of the several features for which I had been signed up (and charged) without my consent. I'll have to wait until the bill comes next month to see if all the unwanted features are gone, and if I get a credit for the full amount of the overcharges they've made for the last few months, though. If I get at least half of the money back I might just let the rest go, as it would be worth twenty bucks not to have to deal with them again.

One odd thing I can't figure out is that the company's automated system has now called me twice to say that the changes to the e-mail address associated with my telephone number had been completed, but I requested no changes and as far as I can tell no changes have been made. I think maybe AT&T's automated systems have gone crazy and are spewing stuff out at random. It wouldn't surprise me.

Speaking of posh accents, I turned on the television today while eating a late lunch and was rewarded with a repeat of English people murdering each other (well, one Englishman being murdered in this case, but you really only need one. Don't want to waste them all in one show, after all.) This was a great convenience, as I had nodded off a couple of times during the Sunday night broadcast, and now the gaps have been filled in for me.

I just went out to give the feral cats in the back yard some fresh water, and while I was there I heard a flock of geese approaching from the south. I watched the sky, and they flew right over my yard. There were at least forty of them in the flock. As they vanished behind the trees to the north I heard another flock approaching, and it was noisier than the first. I couldn't get an accurate count, but there were well over a hundred in the second flock. They were still within earshot when I heard another flock, and this one numbered at least sixty, and was almost immediately followed by a fourth flock of about the same size. I waited to see if more came, and after about a minute a fifth flock did appear, flying very low. This one had about seventy birds, and shortly after it passed I heard a flock off to the east, but I didn't see them because they were screened by the trees.

As quite a few of the birds flew directly over my yard as I stood looking up at them I suppose I was in considerable danger of being crapped on, but I was so astonished at the sight of so many geese all flying north at once, and in January, that I didn't even think about it until they had passed by. After that I came back into the house, but it could be that more flocks have passed over the neighborhood since then. I wonder if the birds know something I don't? After seeing such an unusual event I'm half expecting a major earthquake to strike at any moment. On the other hand it might just be some huge goose gathering up in the mountains they've all been invited to. Maybe tomorrow I'll see them all straggling back to the valley, silent and hung over.

Speaking of wildlife, I keep forgetting to note that I've been hearing a frog in the yard next door for the last couple of weeks. It doesn't croak very often, but I hear it almost every evening. I'm pretty sure it's a tree frog, which would delight me no end. I used to see tree frogs frequently when I first came here, but I haven't seen any for many years now. I'd love to have them return. They are quiet most of the time, but it's nice to hear the occasional croak, plus they are the cutest frogs ever, though you rarely get a glimpse of them because they blend in so well with the tree bark. They were among my favorite local creatures and I've missed them.

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