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Unseasonableness [Jan. 20th, 2015|09:25 pm]
Those robins are hanging out in my back yard again. I can't imagine what the appeal is. No berries are growing here, and I doubt there are many seeds. There might be a few insects, but the ground is hard and I doubt that many worms come to the surface. The guy who lives across the street from me is a bird fancier and puts food out for them. If the robins had any sense they'd go over there.

Of course if I had any sense I'd go someplace where the food is better than it is here, too. So would my feral cats, as all I give them is dry food. I guess we're all as stupid as robins. Maybe I should eat worms.

The long range weather report is still unstable. The predicted highs for Saturday and Sunday are back up to 72 degrees. But the chance of rain next week has also been increased, with a possibility of three wet days. Although I doubt we'll get it, it would certainly be nice if we did. Not as nice as a heavy snowfall in the mountains would be, but every drop can help.

I remembered to put out the yard waste wheelie bin last night, though I had to do it as quietly as possible as I didn't remember until after ten o'clock. But now another bin of dead leaves is gone, and there are probably only enough leaves to fill them again, oh, say a dozen times. I ought to be entirely done with the leaves by the end of March or middle of April. That means I could have new leaves to provide shade for me as I rake up the last of the old ones. Ah, the cycle of life! Exhausting!

It should approach balminess tomorrow. Maybe bees will come and pollinate the azaleas that are blooming out of season. I wonder if robins eat bees?