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Well, I haven't been able to read LJ today or post an entry because the pages don't open for me, but maybe I can update with Semagic. I have no idea why the pages won't open. It might be just my problem. I might try a different browser after I post this.

There was a little bit of rain last night, but it was over by the time I woke up. The day remained overcast, but I didn't get wet when I went shopping— just a bit damp from some mist that was haunting Safeway's parking lot. It was a pleasant 49 degrees this afternoon, and the stores were only moderately crowded, so the trip was less onerous than usual.

But when I got home I found the utility bill in the mail box, and that was quite onerous. While I've been busy complaining about the unseasonable mildness of the weather for the last month I managed to run up a bill of more than $170. It tops my previous record bill by more than twenty bucks, and this with the thermostat set at 64 degrees or lower most of the time. I guess the cold in the east has driven up the price of gas, which was more than 80% of my bill. If winter does finally arrive here I'm going to have to spend it in the poorhouse. Oh, wait. We don't have poorhouses anymore. Just homelessness.

I'm short of sleep again as I didn't get to sleep until very late last night, then was awakened by a telephone call at nine o'clock this morning. It was a recorded message from AT&T saying that the changes to the email address associated with my telephone number had been completed. A rude awakening indeed, as I'd requested no changes. I turned the computer on and checked my email account, and nothing appears to have been changed. It must have been just AT&T being flaky again.

AT&T has been being especially flaky for about three months now. I've made several calls to their customer service number, trying to get them to remove some telephone services that they added to my account without my permission. Each time I call it seems to get worse, and so far they've snagged about forty dollars from me. PG&E will be so pissed at AT&T when they find out because that's money I might have spent heating the house a bit more. I'm hoping for a cage match between the CEOs of both companies. If it turns fatal for both of them, so much the better. Stupid corporations.

Anyway, I'm probably going to go fall asleep in front of the television shortly. At least Comcast doesn't bill me by the hour. If they did I couldn't afford to sleep anymore.

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