rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Either I've not been targeted by the robins for death by pecking, or the little buggers are toying with me. I didn't see a single robin in the yard today. There were plenty of woodpeckers around, but then there always are and I've learned not to worry about them. The robins might be lurking nearby, though, waiting until I relax my guard, and then they'll swoop in and attempt to dismantle me with their sharp little beaks. I don't know if the feral cats will be smart enough to protect me if that happens. I hope they remember that I'm the one with the food they don't have to catch.

The chance of rain tomorrow has been raised back up to 50%, but as it was 40% today and we got nary a drop I'm not counting on it. I'm going shopping tomorrow anyway I guess a fifty-fifty chance of getting wet is a good thing.

The computer appears to be checking itself for ticks, or sending secret information to the Russians, so I'm ending this. No time to fool around.

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