rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I now know why the robin wasn't here yesterday. He was off fetching more robins. When I went out this morning he was back, getting a drink from the cats' water bowl. Then I noticed another robin perched on the fence, and another in the walnut tree. Two more flew in from the yard next door. For an hour, my backyard was littered with robins. I began to think I might be on the verge of being Tippi Hedrened, but the birds were more interested in pecking at the lawn and drinking from the dripping hose I had draped in the chain link fence, and not at all in pecking at my flesh. I remain unscathed, though there's always tomorrow. One never knows with birds.

The appallingly mild weather continues, though the chance of rain Friday has been raised back up to 50%. Just in time to get me wet when I go shopping, if I'm able to arrange transportation that day. But we're looking at a string of days with many highs in the sixties and lows in the forties, and with temperatures such as those it might as well be March already. New growth is coming in on the jasmine hedge and on the rose bushes, so if it does turn wintry sometime over the next couple of months there will be something to get damaged by the cold. I don't suppose it makes much difference in the long run, though, as we're unlikely to have enough water to keep the plants alive next summer anyway.

A while ago I got a bit peckish and opened a bag of chips and ate about half of it and had some beer with them and went and spoiled my dinner. Actually there was as yet no dinner to spoil, so I guess that isn't accurate, but you know what I mean. But it does mean I don't have to do any cooking tonight. And if I can skip enough meals I'll have more food left from last week and thus less shopping to do this week, which will be another bonus. I ought to spoil my dinner more often.

There was something else but I've totally forgotten what it was. Eventually I'm sure I'll forget that I've got a journal and I'll just vanish. Maybe sometime after that I'll discover the journal but not recognize it as mine and I'll wonder who this crazy bozo flying_blind was and why he quite writing. Or maybe not, as I'll probably forget how to use the Internets, too, or forget what an Internets is, or forget what the computer does. For now I'm just going to forget that I'm worried about forgetting, and go watch that thing in the living room with the moving pictures on it. Pantograph? Nickelodeon? Douche box? Well, no matter, as long as I remember where that button wand thing is that turns it on.

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