rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rain, at Last

The long delayed spring rain arrived today. Looking out my window, I see the sheen on the leaves of the camellia bush. The water slowly gathers at their tips, hangs brightly for a moment, then drops. Spring rain is the best. The day is warm enough that I can leave the window open a bit, and smell the freshness of the wet plants and the earthiness of the wet soil, and I can listen to the restful pattering, almost as pleasant as a cat's purr.

Most years, we can expect a day such as this about twice a week. But this year, they have been rare. I don't know if one rainy day will be enough to return the prematurely browning fields to their normal springy greenness, or if more days of rain will follow. At least the desiccation is held back for a short while. Not that I don't enjoy the desiccation, of course. It is merely that I prefer it to arrive in its proper season. I don't like to see spring die young, or summer grow too old. Heh. I'm a meteorological anal-retentive.
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