rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Roof, Roof

The roofing will continue for a third day, but I sincerely hope not for a fourth. Once again I was unable to wake up early enough to get the feral cats fed before the roofers arrived. Two of the cats have decided that the roofers can be tolerated, so they turned up around lunch time, but the other two hid out until evening, after the guys had been gone for a couple of hours. None of the cats are in danger of starving. I probably overfeed them anyway, so it might be good for them to miss a few meals.

I've arranged transportation for a shopping trip tomorrow, but I hope to make it as early in the morning as possible. Some of the stuff that's on sale is stuff that is likely to be sold out by afternoon, and Safeway doesn't give rain checks on their Friday specials. I figure I'm going to be awake anyway, what with all the racket, so I might as well do something in the morning, and it will be nice to get a break from the noise.

It was not quite as balmy today as it has been, thanks to some clouds that interrupted the flow of sunlight now and then. Tomorrow is expected to be more of the same. It's been a nice break from winter, but I'm ready for the chill to return. Wednesday could bring more rain, but probably not enough to give the new roof a real workout. The following Saturday is promising, though, and about damned time. It's looking more and more like last year, when most of the rain fell in November and December and the rest of the winter was mostly dry. I'm sure I could get used to such a pattern should it become permanent, but the state's agriculture certainly couldn't.

There was Chinese food tonight, and I'm feeling decidedly logy. Too bad that half hour and you're hungry again thing is a crock. At the moment I feel as though I'll never be hungry again. Don't envy me, Scarlett. This is very uncomfortable.

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