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Coma [Jan. 7th, 2015|09:04 pm]
The roofing began today but was not completed. In fact I now wonder if it will be completed tomorrow. Less than half to roof is done, so it might continue through Friday, which would be a disaster for my sleep schedule. Last night I fell asleep fairly early in the evening, then woke up about midnight and didn't get back to sleep until after fife o'clock in the morning.

I wanted to get up before eight to feed the feral cats before the roofers got here, and though Portia tried to wake me up at quarter of eight I closed my eyes again and didn't wake up until half past eight when I heard the roofers putting up their ladder. After that it was banging and stomping and machines whirring all day, and I got no nap. I don't know if I'll be able to stay awake tonight, but if I can't then I expect to wake up again after four hours sleep and tomorrow will end up pretty much as today did. Neither I nor the feral cats were happy about it.

Also, the adjustment from the chiropractor did not fix my headache, so I'm thinking it must be sinus related, probably as a result of inhaling stuff that I've stirred up while raking leaves lately, though I'm sure the lack of sleep isn't helping. I'll be glad when the roofing is over and done with. For now I'm just feeling like a zombie, though I the thought of eating brains doesn't appeal to me. I'll find something else to eat (beeeans, beeeeans!) I just hope I don't fall asleep with my face in them.