rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So I'm well-adjusted, for the time being. I'll gradually become maladjusted again over the next month, but I'm hoping that for the first couple of days at least it wont be noticeable. With luck I'll be able to avoid anything strenuous that might undo the adjustment prematurely. I almost fell asleep in front of the computer just now, though, and that would not have been a good thing. I woke up far too early today, and having an afternoon appointment meant I couldn't take a nap, so I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

I'll probably get up too early tomorrow, too, because guys are coming to shoot lots and lots of nails into my roof, as they will be attaching new shingles with them. The entire roof is to be done anew. It will probably take all day, and it is bound to be noisy. The feral cats will undoubtedly make themselves scarce, so I have to be up early enough to get them fed before the commotion begins. Portia will just have to deal with the racket, because she's staying in.

Of course I had planned to have the windows open for a while tomorrow, but as there will be so much racket and probably dust I doubt I'll be able to. There probably won't be a nap tomorrow, either, so that will be two days in a row when I get to be short of sleep. I just hope they get the entire job done in one day, so I'll have Thursday to recover from it all. Friday will be another shopping day if I can arrange transportation, and I want at least one day this week when I can have an afternoon nap if I need one.

Sadly, despite three shopping trips in the last six days I still don't have a bell pepper, and I really wanted one for tonight's dinner. I don't know why I keep forgetting that particular item. I don't even remember to put it on the list. Something there is that does not want me to have a bell pepper. I might be possessed by an evil spirit with a food allergy. That would certainly be annoying.

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