rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Returning Routine

Porky, the feral cat I hadn't seen since Wednesday evening turned up this afternoon. He didn't look as though he'd missed any meals, and certainly bore no scars from any fights, so maybe he just caught himself a big meal, like a young rabbit, perhaps, and had no need of the dry food I dole out. Shorty was not especially pleased to see him, but Porky managed to devour a decent helping of the dry food, though no more than on a usual day. He took off after eating, as he usually does.

I'm sure he'd like to spend the night sleeping on the chaise lounge, which is what he used to do when Shorty was younger and smaller, but these days he doesn't seem to want to take the risk. Shorty will ignore him for quite a while but then take it into his head that Porky doesn't belong here and will just run him off. Porky is a bit bigger than Shorty, but still fears him. It's his own fault, though, for not being nice to Shorty when he was younger and eager to have a feline friend. But Porky just had to hiss and growl, and Shorty learned to dislike him.

My imaginary teenager Zach is now getting almost as much e-mail at my account as I get myself. School after school tries to recruit him, though most of them are still located in New England. If Zach were real he'd be facing some tough choices. Should he go to a distant school that is so desperate for students that it tries to recruit them with an endless stream of spam, or should he just stay home and go to Chico State? If he were real I'd probably encourage him to take up one of the offers from New England, because I'm sure I'd want the little bugger out of my house.

If he went to Chico State he'd probably still want to live with me to save money. But I'd have been putting up with him for eighteen years, and would want my kitchen and bathroom to myself again. Besides which he'd probably listen to music I hated and would drive me crazy by playing it too loud. It's making me crazy enough that he's getting my in-box clogged up with his spam. Spoiled, selfish, imaginary little brat!

I haven't checked the web site that tells me such things, but I'm pretty sure the moon is full tonight. It's looking awfully big and bright, and casting the spidery shadows of the bare trees on the ground. I'll probably see quite a bit of it tonight as I slept rather late again today and probably won't get to sleep again until well after midnight. I hope I don't sleep so late tomorrow that I have to rush to get ready for my trip to the stores, or be delayed so long that they are sold out of too many of the sale items I'm after.

Last night I ended up not having popcorn, as I decided to have a bowl of soup instead, so I think I'll have the popcorn tonight. I'm not sure if there's anything worth watching on television or not, but if there isn't then popcorn will certainly make whatever is on seem worth watching. Popcorn has magical powers.

I'm so glad the holidays are over.

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