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One of the feral cats who eats daily in my back yard didn't show up yesterday or today. I think maybe the noise of New Year's Eve caused him to run off and he's afraid to come back. If he doesn't return I'll be down to three of my original six spayed or neutered feral cats. A couple more ferals have arrived since, but only one of those has been neutered. The back yard cat who is still here is a black tom I call Shorty (his legs are shorter than those of any of the other cats) and he rarely leaves the yard anymore even though he is intact. I'm a bit surprised that he doesn't go off looking for females all the time. But then maybe he's gay and just hangs out here because he knows that Gray Nose, another intact tom, will show up here to eat every few days.

So far the year has been fairly dull, which I take to be a good sign. Excitement no longer has the appeal it once had for me. I'm perfectly content to hear flocks of waterfowl flying over the neighborhood at dusk, and have that be the most dramatic event of the day. I'd probably make an exception for an exciting event that brought good fortune, such finding a winning lottery ticket, but otherwise I'd much rather live placidly. I must go shopping on Sunday, of course, and then my delayed appointment with the chiropractor is next Tuesday, and that is quite enough excitement for one week, so I would hope that if I do find a winning lottery ticket it won't be this week.

I'm not sure how easily I'll be able to get to sleep tonight, as I woke up quite early this morning, then went back to sleep a few hours later and slept until half past two this afternoon. Perhaps reading something familiar will put me to sleep. I've recently found that Jane Austen has become a dandy soporific for me, while reading something unfamiliar frequently provokes anxiety. Maybe the reason I fall asleep in front of the television so often anymore is because practically everything I watch these days is a rerun.

Anyway, I don't have to worry about getting to sleep until after midnight. Anytime before one o'clock would be good. Right now I think I'll go out and look at the moon for a while, and when I get too chilly I'll come in and get a snack. I was able to stock up on butter recently, and generously buttered popcorn is nice on a chilly night.

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